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Extraway® Bridge is a module software for evaluating the management of digital document storage process, in managed storage delivery services.

The software can easily interfere with all IT protocol and document management systems via a SQL connection via JDBC and also allows sending to storage documents that are not managed by a document management system but reside in the system of files or in optical user support, for example pay orders, PUC, etc. 

The software is built not only to be independent of the data source but also on the external storage module.

  1. Is software solution to support the long-term process of preserving digital resources                
  2.  A conservation system by regulation guarantees, legal validity, honesty, readability, availability
  3. Timely storage of digital documents through an articulated management process in defined stages (acquisition, archiving, data management, conservation planning)

It is a "BRIDGE" that connects through a separate connection any document management system to any standard storage system.
The program is built to be independent not only of the data source (based on file systems or databases relational and noSQL) but also from the external storage system. 

Multiple document sources can be used and managed simultaneously and it is possible to transfer the generated packages to different storage systems.


Helps the Process Manager in the organization and definition of the periodicity of the transfers of the documentary units in conservation: in particular, it is possible to automatically send the documents in conservation, through the definition of document types (i.e. homogeneous documents among them, belonging to the same documentary series) and certain deadlines for mailings.


Ensures the certain identification of the producer of the documents and allows their conservation in different archives divided according to the same; guarantees the integrity, legibility and availability of documents and allows them to be searched, viewed and accessed, by recalling them, through a simple graphical interface, directly from the source document management system. It also allows the configuration of different roles for system users, with different rights for viewing, consulting documents and for managing consignments in storage. 

Create detailed reports for each consignment sent, allowing a quick check on the results of the payments. The status of the payment is displayed on each individual document and, if any, the problems that prevented the submission of the document for conservation are highlighted. The reports are updated on the basis of the results of subsequent consignments, thus allowing constant monitoring of the resolution of consignment errors.


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