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About Us

3D INFORMATICA ALBANIA is a company founded in 2017 with offices in Tirana. Part of an Italian
group established 30 years ago in Bologna, Italy, specialized in Enterprise Document Management and Record Management area, and operating at the national and international level.

Has developed the document platform ExtraWay® XML DB – Record Management and Information Retrieval System with application solutions:


integrated product for the document Life Cycle Management (document management, workflow, IT protocol, store archive)


for current regulations preservation


for the cultural heritage catalog as current regulations ICCD


The management, treatment and enhancement of Cultural Heritage


Knowledge management solutions for the company


Services CLOUD ASP / SaaS and provides its management and maintenance in a BPM logic


Knowledge management solutions for enterprise

 3D Informatica Albania provides specialized consulting, archival, training and support services throughout the national territory.
At the base of the constant growth of 3D Informatica Albania are continued investments in the fields of research and development and training, a growth manifested through many initiatives.

   * 3D Informatica is certified by ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2019.
   * 3D Informatica is present in the marketplace of the Public Administration.

The products, logos and trademarks of ExtraWay® XML and DocWay® XML are owned by 3D Informatica Albania Sh.p.k.


The goal of 3D Informatica Albania has always been to provide a unique solution to the information and documents management, and even more, to the knowledge management.

3D Informatica Albania has been successfully committed in research and technological development, considering innovation as a strategic factor in its development pursued and applied with reference to products and services, production processes and internal professional skills.

In the research, development and innovation, 3D Informatica Albania has several objectives:

* constant improvement of the products that is declined in an ever increasing reliability and performance

* improvement of the technical quality of the product (Software Quality System) which is performed in the qualitative analysis of the software with important international partners

* search for new and innovative products or technical variants to complement the proposed solutions 


Tiranë - Albania 1019                   
Brigada VIII, N23/H4


Phone: +355 45 629 962

Office hours

Monday - Friday:
9.00 - 13.00 / 14.00 - 18.00
Weekend: Closed