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Banks and Insurance

The BANKING sector and the Insurance are two systems based on information, although progress
has been made in terms of electronic data management and their transmission, a good part of
communication both within the societies or among societies, their subsidiaries, clients or third
parties in a number of business processes we still have a paper format.

3D Informatica Albania, with the important help given by a partner, whose capital belongs to the banking area, has been able to analyze the essential issues regarding the business process and the high intensity of production of documentation both in the banking and insurance area and offers a number of solutions through software, specially trained for document process management by integrating all typical banking communications media.

The 3D Informatica document system for banking and insurance area DocWay XML and unifolder, actually provide some additional functions, like the handle on the fill of the booklet which makes possible a significant improvement of the decisional processes and customer care, without considering the dangers of uncontrolled information.

The technology components that are free and adapted to webservice and as such are easily integrated with previous existing systems.
The data bases solutions are enterprise based type, with a hybrid type and retrieval adapted to the management of important documents, flexible and easily accessible.

Extraway® Bridge gives us the right to use a document delivery system that is legally protected.


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