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Odysseus CBC (Catalog of Cultural Heritage) is a project developed (since the end of the 90s) thanks to the twenty-year experience gained by 3D Informatica in consulting, design and software development for Authority and Organizations that deal with protection, conservation, management and enhancement in the field of cultural heritage.

Odysseus CBC is based on our ExtraWay® XML Native Database technology.

  1. Is able to effectively meet the different needs of collection, dissemination of information through the standards (Cataloghi regulation issued by ICCD) but customizable on the basis of specific needs (ICCD tracing customization or new tracing implementation).
  2.  Based on our ExtraWay® XML Native Database technology and its engine is made available for the most popular operating systems (Sparc Solaris, Linux x86, Linux on Power, AIX on Power, Windows, Mac OS X on Motorola, Mac OS X on Intel).

It manages the “Cultural Heritage" entity by making available to the various phases (search, visualization, insertion / modification) all those instruments (regulation or not) useful for the management of the same (displaying indices and frequencies, 

open vocabularies, closed vocabularies, thesaurus , spectral analysis, validation lists, search & replace management, search parameters management, adjacency parameters management, sorting criteria management, authority management, horizontal and vertical reference management, reporting management, export management, import management, publication management, management handling, etc etc).


It manages the multimedia document in all the meanings included by the legislation, ie photographic images (raster), text documents, graphic documents (vector), video documents (movies), documents based on sound recordings (audio) and other computerized attachments.

Depending on the type of multimedia document in charge, it is also concerned with activating specific processes for managing the multimedia document itself, such as the management of the qualitative / quantitative level of the file, the automatic generation of new raster-type multimedia documents (C and WEB quality level). ) with the possible transposition of textual or graphical Watermark, the automatic generation of new multimedia documents based on “text", the extraction of metadata and text.


It shares and makes available information concerning the territory (also coming from different administrations) to the processes of cataloging and protecting cultural heritage and provides the tools for geo-referencing the validated and present information in the Databases allowing in this way to relate the Well Cultural to the territory.


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