Archives analysis and information flows
Analysis of information flows within the organization and definition of the document and service infrastructure necessary for carrying out the operations
Regulatory compliance
The management of document flows and the conservation of specific documents (such as invoices, registers, etc.) are regulated by specific legislation. Likewise compliance with the security rules of information systems and compliance with privacy regulations in the management of information within the organization.
System integration
The applications proposed by 3D Informatica almost always operate within complex infrastructures, both in terms of technology and organization. The integration of our solutions with the whole technological scenario in use is a fundamental part of our proposal.
Special Software project development
The experience gained during the projects for important national and international companies of the 3D Informatica team, allows us to develop "tailor made" software solutions that respond full needs of the customer. We orient companies and institutions in the choice of the most suitable technologies not only from the technical point of view but also in the assessment of economic sustainability. We evaluate the technological level, we define the optimal interventions, both for the development of new technologies and for more efficient application of those already existing
It involves a series of activities related to the transfer of both methodological and technical / operational skills. Highly qualified teachers, methodologists and product consultants with proven experience, will hold training courses at various levels so any role that have to access the system can use it correctly, optimally and profitably.
Assistance and Help-Desk
3D Informatics provides experts who will be able to follow the whole life of your document project. A trouble ticketing system also provides you with an environment where you can check the requests made and their solution cycle. Assistance is also a time when our consultants can suggest methodologies and use cases that could be a starting point for the continuous improvement of the use of Docway