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Extraway® XML is an innovative document platform (RMS) that allows you to manage and preserve over time and in a secure way Information Records, i.e complete Information Units, in order to guarantee their integrity, authenticity, confidentiality and intelligibility over time.

Extraway® XML is a native XML Database that has the features of a post-relational database.

Extraway® XML is an Object Oriented Data Base, whose “Core" is intrinsically developed on a sophisticated Information Retrieval engine.

  1. Easily interfaced with all the IT protocol and document management systems through a SQL connector via JDBC, and also allows the sending on storage documents that are not managed by a document management system but that reside on the file system or optical media user
  2.  A native XML DataBase having the characteristics of a Post-Relational Data Base. Data processing takes the form of complex objects that express data and information through a articulatet and at the same time atomic representation, are commonly defined as "documents" or "information units"
  3. Distributed with multi platform Enterprise license

The system allows to directly manage and produce an XML Information Unit as a priority, guaranteeing the following important benefits:

» Intelligibility over time – however the XML format may evolve the objects described in the first version onwards will always be decipherable in their structure, context, hierarchy and presentation;

» Efficiency – there is no need for make inbound and outbound conversions to exchange structured information in XML with other applications;

» Flexibility – through the cataloging of the definition models (DTD and Schema) and their versions, the database model can evolve over time without having to restructure the physical format of the data already entered;

» Integration with the application logic – it is possible to declare in the same object the methods with which they are used, so the application logic is directly associated with the data it manages.

» Respect the principles of conformity with the rules that establish the legal validity requirements of documents in electronic form.


ExtraWay Document Platform Enterprise Edition is a modular system that was created, unlike the base one, for large-scale architectures and, consequently, of greater complexity and with a greater demand for resources, both in terms of number of servers, hereinafter referred to as Nodes, both for the properties of each of them.

All that in the Standard Edition is entrusted to a twin processes, each of which carries out the assigned tasks using local resources, in the Enterprise version is distributed among different software modules operating on multiple nodes.

While maintaining the XML format as the cornerstone of the entire system, the Enterprise version frees itself from one of its most rigid components: the File System. This means that you can use existing infrastructures by choosing the most appropriate technological solution for the purpose and create the Storage module so that you can dialogue with any repository (Oracle, Mongo DB, etc.).


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