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3D Informatica boasts over thirty years of experience in the service of complex and articulate public administrations, both central and local, which are offered total support with respect to all processes of design, development, maintenance and improvement of information systems …

Business chains based on information, 3D Informatica has analyzed key issues related to intensive document processes in the banking and insurance sector by developing a series of proven software solutions for document and process management.

3D Informatica provides for the healthcare sector two important software solutions concerning the Accreditation of Health Structures and the Management of Medical Training Credits (ECM). The development of both solutions was carried out in synergy with sector stakeholders …

For over 25 years, 3D Informatica has been offering national publishing companies its own Documental and Information Filtering solutions. The know how acquired in this field makes it a point of reference for the companies that need to produce content for the web and for paper print.

3D Informatica, over 30 years of experience in knowledge management.

3D INFORMATICA is one of the leading Italian leading companies specialized in the fields of Enterprise Document Management and Record Management.
The company, with two offices in Bologna and Rome, operates nationally and internationally, has developed the document platform Extraway® XML DB – Record Management and Information Retrieval System.